Shred-it LGV / HGV Class 2 Driver in Antrim, Ireland

Location: Antrim

Remuneration: Competitive

Shred-it provide secure information destruction services to organisations that care about protecting their information and reputation. During our 20 plus years in the document destruction business, we have developed some of the world’s most advanced shredding technology, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition and maintain our status as industry leaders in the UK and globally. And there’s a reason we’re at the forefront of the industry – we are passionate about what we do.

People like working at Shred-it. It’s an exciting, interesting, high-energy place to work, with a dynamic structure and a wealth of opportunities for professional growth. Our people enjoy the challenges, and thrive in an atmosphere of respect and innovation where they can move up, move around, and learn and grow through our training and educational assistance programmes.


Every CSR represents Shred-it at our client's place of business. CSR’s are literally the face of Shred-it. From arrival through to departure, after final clean-up of the client's area, the CSR's performance must be superior and undertaken with complete regard for confidentiality, courtesy, and environmental consciousness.


As a CSR you are required to complete a conscientious circle-check of your assigned vehicle every morning and evening correcting any minor defects and highlighting serious defects to your CSS or CSR Team Lead. Before leaving site you must ensure that you have your full client list for the day.

Whilst at the customer site, you are required to ensure that you are parked in any designated area or in a safe place. Once on the customer’s premises you are responsible for notifying the point of contact of your presence. You are then responsible for locating all consoles and quietly removing and replacing all console bags ensuring that no material is left behind, once collected these are transferred back to the truck for shredding. Upon completion of the shred you provide the customer with their document of destruction.


  • You must possess a C driving licence

  • Be physically active due to the nature of the role and have the ability to lift bags weighing up to 100 pounds (45kgs)

  • Have a positive attitude

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Satisfactory Police/Criminal check