Expeditors District Trade Compliance Manager in Dublin, Ireland

/This role can be based in either of the branches/ ABZ, BFS, GLA, DUB, ORK, SNN.

/* /Objective:// * * As a subject matter expert in Trade Compliance, the DTCM will, at a District level, assist in ensuring that the Company meets its obligation to comply with all Company policies and all applicable laws and regulations. *//

/ /Peer Position:/ Department Manager./

/Appointment Responsibility and Reporting Lines:/

/_Direct to_/: District Manager (DM)

  • /Dotted to/: Regional Trade Compliance Manager (RTCM).*

/General Description:/

  • /Serve as the primary District-level resource for Trade Compliance. /

  • Proactively communicate and closely coordinate with RTCM, branch management,, and the Director of Trade Compliance (DTC).

  • Keeps informed of current and proposed laws, regulations, directives, rules, and policies applicable to the relevant District governing Trade Compliance at Expeditors and regarding the industry in general.

  • Maintain knowledge about Expeditors’operating systems, including (but not limited to) GCI, CFIT, EDMS, and ETMS and how those systems support the Company’s ongoing Trade Compliance goals and objective.

  • Communicate regularly with RTCM, , branch management and DTC to ensure consistent and accurate messaging, any material changes, and implementation of Trade Compliance goals and objective.

  • Manage Trade Compliance program in the District, including training, monitoring, assessing, escalation and guiding employees on Trade Compliance in the District and/or branch.


  • / A passion for Trade Compliance and doing the right thing./

  • Proficiency in English and one of the local languages spoken in the District.

  • A minimum of three (3) years at the Company.

  • /Demonstrated understanding of applicable Trade Compliance laws and regulations./

  • Training for Sanctioned and Embargoed Countries, Denied Party Screening, and Export Controls Awareness, under U.S. law and the laws of other jurisdictions that have implemented U.N. Sanctions.

  • /Strong familiarity with, and continued pursuit of proficiency in Expeditors’ operating systems, including GCI, CFIT, EDMS, ETMS, and, where applicable, third-party systems used to conduct Expeditors’ transactions./

  • Completion of Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and clearance of Company Executive Conflict of Interest check.

  • No objection to background check, as permitted by applicable law.

  • No impediment to travel to the branches in the District.

  • Passing score on the IATA/FIATA examination.

  • DG certification(s).

  • Security Protocol training: C-TPAT, AEO, STP, or other security protocol, as applicable.

  • Product- or Service-specific export, import and/or operational training/certification.[1]

  • Customs Broker license (U.S.) or similar non-U.S. country license, where available.

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